General Services Department + Creative Sonoma present a Call for Artists – applications due 4/12/21

This opportunity is for a public art installation located at the site of the former Meredith Pier in Bodega Bay. The Meredith Fish Company pier and cannery building was originally built nearly 80 years ago, which was abandoned and then fell into disrepair. The site was formally condemned in 2004 as physically and environmentally unsafe posing dangers to residents, visitors, the water surrounding it and its ecosystems. The pier is currently being demolished, leaving behind a cement “footprint” on which this public art project will be sited. Bodega Bay is the ancestral land of the Coast Miwok Native Americans. The community has a rich and diverse history of cultures, industries and economies. Potential themes for the artwork include, but are not limited to:

– Acknowledgement of the area’s history and the heritage that carries forward
– Homage to the lives of the people who have and currently populate the area, as well
as those who have lost their lives at sea as an opportunity for reflection and
contemplation by their friends and families
– Celebration of the ecology and conservation of the Bodega Bay waterway

Meredith Pier, CA-1, Bodega Bay, CA. The “canvas” for the art project includes the semi-permanent fencing that will surround the property as well as the interior space and floor.
See photos in RFQ document.

Bodega Bay Meredith Pier Public Art Project Flyer