KRCB-FM, longtime NPR station for Sonoma County, now is on 104.9—a frequency that can be heard throughout virtually all of Sonoma County. As part of its renewed commitment to local news and information, the station has launched a variety of ~1 minute weekly “local shorts” focusing on different things: local history, places to visit, restaurant reviews, etc. They’d like to launch one about cool Sonoma County architecture. Think of it like the architectural portions of those “Access Guides” you might remember. It’s a chance to help ordinary people appreciate elements of architecture that they might pass every day yet not notice or fully appreciate.
One minute is around 150 words, so these are very short lessons! They can be recorded from home on your schedule with just a computer and earbuds. While the station isn’t able to pay, the architect may mention his or her firm at the end of each weekly piece. Questions? Contact