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Blain Beckmann, Andersen Windows & Doors, Inc.

Mark Burkhammer, Pacific Coast Building Products

Brad Cannon, Helmer & Sons, Inc. – Business Development – Project Manager

Jason Clark, Pacific Coast Building Products

Robert Cox, Tangram Landscape Architecture

Alex Daddow, Taylor and Syfan Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Larry Dashiell, Summit Technology Group

Douglas Fitzgerald, Pacific Coast Building Products

Daniel Fowler, Stripe N’ Seal and Aaron Paving – President

Angela Frey, A.G. Frey Company

Mike Goldston, Pacific Coast Building Products

Gregg Grubin, S.E.

Barry Grzebik, Grzebik Design Group – Managing Director

Brian Hartley, Structural Design Group – Structural Engineer

Louis Hughes, Portalais – Owner/Manager

Mike Kiani, MK2 Engineers

Richard Kirby

Eric Kreager, MKM & Associates

Bill Mastick, Quadriga Landscape Architects, Inc.

Joel Newell, Digital Prints & Imaging – President

Charles Nicholls, Trope Group, Inc. – Principal

Mike Pastryk, Liberty Valley Doors – Marketing Director

Steve Pestell, Rogina Pestell Structural Engineers

Daryl Phillips, Seabrook Associates Inc.

Stephen Plath, Plath & Company, Inc.

Spencer Puccio, Pacific Coast Building Products

Michael Quesenbury, Nordby Signature Homes

John Rechin, Total Concepts

Robert Ricci, Fortifiber Building Systems Group – Market Development Manager

DeMae Rubins, Summit Engineering

Charles Swensen, VHS Associates, Inc.

Christine Talbot, Quadriga Landscape Architecture & Planning, Inc. – Principal/President

Paul Traba, Pacific Coast Building Products

Victor Venuta, Pacific Coast Building Products

Josh Wallace, MKM & Associates

Grant Weaver, Oakholm Consulting, LLC

John Wieneke, Landscape Architect/Owner

Zak Zakalik, Summit Engineering – Principal/Division Manager