Summit Session: Renewable Energy Design - Smart Design for the Efficient Home


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Learning Objectives:

Lighting Design: 1. Provide accurate budget creation & management 2. How effective design promotes a more efficient building processs 3. Learn how to effectively communicate the importance of lighting to your client

Lighting Control: 1. Learn the difference between standard and automated lighting 2. When to specify lighting control for new build versus retrofit 3. Understand the benefits of motorized window coverings 4. How lighting control promotes energy saving plus improved control for your clients

Smart Home Design: 1. How to leverage smart home capabilities to add value to your client’s projects 2. Learn the steps necessary to prepare a home for smart operation 3. Why projects should be wired for success 4. Learn the difference between a smart home and home automation

Learn the ins and outs of why lighting affects productivity, wellness & energy efficiency.