Data Resiliency in Design and Construction - Dodge Data & Analytics


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Understanding the data resiliency in design and construction


Dodge Construction Network, a leading provider of data, analytics and insights, recently conducted a survey on behalf of Egnyte on the topic of Data Resiliency in Design and Construction. The objective of the study was to provide insight into the experiences and perceptions of US contractors, architects and engineers regarding access to project information, finding and retaining employees, and the impact of business risks.

The results of the study are fascinating and will be shared in our upcoming readout. Expect to hear about:

  • Information access: Degree of universal access to the right design and/or construction documents, deficiencies resulting from incomplete access and factors that would reduce deficiencies
  • Security: Level of preparedness for loss of access to project documents, mitigation for this loss of access, chief concerns, and information security issues experienced
  • Workforce: Challenges in finding qualified employees and retaining existing employees, steps to address these challenges, and contribution of technology
  • Risk Management: Impact of various types of business risk and approaches to manage these risks