Progeny Winery

Project Description

The steep slopes and higher altitudes of Napa Valley’s Mount Veeder region limit wine-producing land, while simultaneously isolating the vineyards from the valley floor. The site’s elevated terrain, made of once ancient seabed that has been pushed up into a mountain over time, creates a unique opportunity for a vineyard that ascends towards the sky.

A monument to a couple’s marriage, the mountains, and the vineyards, the Progeny Winery Tasting Room buildings emerge from the peaks as two buildings that appear as one. Each of the roofs fold and float creating a connection to the mountains while establishing a new summit against the sky. Visitors approach the building at an angle that echoes the roof line. They arrive at a corridor between tasting room walls that orient visitors toward views of the vineyards while the pair of roofs draw a line overhead, gesturing toward a breathtaking view of Mount Veeder and the valley below.