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Fondugues Pradugues Winery

Located in the heart of the peninsula of Saint-Tropez, near the city of Ramatuelle, this small family-owned and organically farmed estate sits in a landscape of parasol pines, vineyards, and rural architecture, one large specimen of which proved pivotal in the evolution of the design of this 4.7-hectare site.

The project’s language of simple cubic geometries and shallow tilted roof planes draws on the precedents of traditional vernacular forms noticeable for its great diversity. This contemporary design proposes the use of local stone using traditional lime and gypsum mortars, mixed with local sands that produce the distinctive colors that organically integrate the new buildings into this particular setting.

These passive ventilated buildings rely on the repetition of openings and the orientation of them to provide protection but at the same time take advantage of the local Mistral winds. Smaller openings on the larger buildings help to keep the summer heat out and maintain a constant temperature in the cold winter months, ideal conditions for wine fermentation.

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