Courtyard House

This Courtyard House is an obsequiousness
of the architectural excellence of “Mid Century California
Architecture” philosophy to that of current day environmental
concerns. It’s placement in California Wine Country (Sonoma
County) is truly “Form Follows Function” of a life style

The wide-open spaces incorporating the Courtyard, the articulations of the post and beam structure with exposed Douglas Fir roof sheathing then the explosion of space provided by the Family Room Barrell Vaulted Roof creates special design interest.

A unique feature of the house structure is thgat the roof is level and has been designed to retain water for two reasons: in a fire emergency, the roof can be floodede to resist “embers” from igniting the roof structure and during summer, the roof can retain water to cool the roof.

There is an existing house on this site. Rather than tearing it down the home can find a new use as an ADU.

Design of the structure complies with State of California ‘Green Building” requirements including “LEED” certification. The roof structure consists of DF roof beams at 6’-0″ o.c., 2×6 DF T& G exposed roof sheathing. On top of this 2 x 10 DF joists at 24″ o.c. filled with foam insulation to meet insulation requirements and to omit screened vents. As expressed earlier, the roof retains water for roof cooling during the summer. The raised wood floor is insulated and employs “Jotto” continuous vents.

Physical Context

The existing home is situated in a rural environment and includes a water well and sanitary septic system. The new house will share the water well but have it's own septic system.