The 2019 Board of Directors will be confirmed at the December 12th AIARE Holiday Party.

Nominations have been open since July 6th and the Nomination Committee has been reviewing candidates since October 2018.


The below is a list of our AIARE 2019 Board of Directors, it is noted which positions are up for confirmation.

AIARE 2019 Executive Committee

Past President, Nanette Names, AIA

President, Peter Levelle, AIA

Vice President, OPEN (to be confirmed)

Secretary, Paul Gilger, AIA

Treasurer, Juliano Sorondo, Assoc. AIA (to be confirmed)


AIARE 2019 Directors:

AIACA Director + State Affairs: Drew Weigl, AIA

Emerging Professionals / Associate Director: Diana Mendez, Assoc. AIA (to be confirmed)

Government Affairs Director: Scott Bartley, AIA

Communications Director: Zhuohau Tian, Assoc. AIA

Allied Director: Josh Wallace, Allied AIA

Allied Director: Michael Quesenbery, Allied AIA


AIA members will be given the opportunity to nominate, confirm or deny these board position candidates December 12th at the AIARE Holiday Party.