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November Membership Lunch/Elections 2014

November Membership Lunch/Elections 2014

IMG_3464November Membership Lunch

Elections were held at the lunch meeting and Carl Servais was elected as the new President of the Chapter for 2015.  There are a couple of open positions remaining on the board, so this is your chance to serve and ensure that the chapter remains the best in the west.  You can contact Carl at tel: 525-5600.


Architectural and Structural Lessons Learned from the South Napa Earthquake

 IMG_3476 IMG_3460







Our lunch presentation was conducted by a panel of engineers from ZFA Structural Engineers, including  Kevin Zucco, SE, LEED AP,  Chris Jonas, SE, LEED AP,  Steve Heyne, PE and Chris Warner, SE, LEED AP.

The business and social impact of the South Napa Earthquake was significant, even though at a magnitude 6.0 it was not excessively large.  The financial and personal losses were extensive and poignant.  Thankfully, because it happened at 3am, the number of injuries was minimal.

Every earthquake provides lessons for how to prepare for future events and better protect our communities. Improving designs and educating building owners with respect to mitigating earthquake damage were covered with examples of design that worked and examples that failed.  Some building owners got the message and had retrofitted their buildings, but suffered losses because the neighboring buildings had not been retrofitted.

Earthquake insurance is expensive and the deductibles are so high that unless the building is a total loss, it is cheaper and makes more sense have a structure retrofitted to survive an earthquake.  With the Rogers Creek fault running through Santa Rosa, we stand a good chIMG_3479ance of experiencing a devastating earthquake in the near future.   The panel did a great job of illustrating how preparation makes a huge difference in the lives of those who live and work in buildings that were retrofitted versus those that were not.


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