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November Membership Lunch

November Membership Lunch

The popular series, Citizen Architects, had a great panel of local AIA Redwood Empire Architects/leaders in our community consisting of:

  • Scott Bartley, AIA, Mayor City of Santa Rosa
  • Mitch Conner, AIA
  • Julia Donoho, AIA
  • Doug Hilberman, AIA

The open dialog about leadership and the profession of architecture touched on areas such as how community service has shaped their outlook on architecture and how the AIA, a professional organization serving the community, can best contribute to the recovery. The panelists also discussed the value of resiliency and where/how we can create positive change. Also discussed was what roles should Architects play in the future success of our communities?

During the discussion, Scott Bartley made the point that Architects are problems solvers and have to be good at interacting with people. These skills serve him well in the public sector.

Mitch Conner gave the example of the Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT) process that was used in the redesign of the Healdsburg City Hall when it was moved off the plaza. The interaction he had with the community and the client during the project resulted in a solution that had more design value and more value to the community that had to embrace it and ultimately fund it. Collective design can be very powerful when designing communities or making dysfunctional areas more user friendly.

Doug Hilberman believes that having representation in other groups where there is crossover in the built environment helps with communication and advocacy.

Julia Donoho is on the AIA National Board and is helping with the AIA repositioning effort. She says that “only by our actions do we get our voice out there”. We need to explain and show the value of architecture. Everyone uses buildings and buildings shape our lives, cities and environment.

Scott Bartley thinks our perception of the priorities is skewed. Everyone knows who the president is and knows what’s happening at the national level, but no one knows or cares what is happening at the local level. Yet every day something a local elected official does can mess up your life and you should be aware of that. If there is an issue that affects what you do, showing up at a council meeting gives you more power than you realize. So, take the time to voice your concerns and you may change the outcome.

The elected Board of Directors for 2014 is:

Nate Bisbee, AIA, President
OPEN, Vice President
Carl Servais, AIA, Treasurer
Sofia Veniard, AIA, Secretary
Mark Albertson, AIA, Past President
Michael Barron-Wike, AIA, Director at Large – CRAN
Michael Chambers, FAIA, Director at Large
Jarrod Denton, AIA, Chapter Affairs
Nick Diggins, Assoc. AIA, Associate Director
William Forrest, AIA, Government Affairs
Peter Hendrickson, AIA, AIACC Representative
Jaime Stich, Assoc. AIA, Director at Large – 2 x 4 Lecture Series
Danny Strening, AIA, Director at Large – Lecture Series
Jim Theiss, AIA, Professional Practice
Jordan Lebovich, Allied Director
Yi Yang, Allied Director




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