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Francis Ford Coppola Hospitality Tour


By Jordan Lebovich, JBL Photography

Demae Rubins, a Project Manager at Summit Engineering led a tour of the new hospitality area of the Francis Ford Coppola Event Center in Geyserville.  We learned about Francis Ford Coppola’s attention to detail and the reasoning behind the many design choices that were made.  One of his pet peeves is, he doesn’t want to hear machinery running.  He finds it intrusive and so went to great lengths to make sure that fans, compressors, etc were well insulated and away from the public spaces.  He also wants his guests to feel as if they are family and that is the experience he strives for.

Following the tour, we were treated to some wine tasting next to the restaurant.  The weather was perfect and the wine was delicious.  For more photos follow the link.