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Tap Room – Whole Foods Market

Architect / Firm: Field Paoli Architects

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Field Paoli Architects

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Owner: Tap Room - Whole Foods Market
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Designed to feel like a rustic gold-miner’s saloon serving its local community - in this case, the patrons of a grocery store - the Coddingtown Tap Room stands inside a Whole Foods Market, serving 16 local drafts and a 330-bottle inventory. The aesthetic is reminiscent of a dilapidated shed. The bold design leads the patron to feel as though the structure were thrown together, using whatever scraps might be found laying about a miner’s camp. We set out to construct the Tap Room primarily of salvaged, reclaimed, and reused materials. Framed with reclaimed lumber and clad with salvaged redwood, a variety of responsibly sourced woods fill the space, including a 90 year old Eastern White Oak bar top from a levee road in Placer County and Elm table-tops from the Silicon Valley.

The design succeeds in creating a comfortable environment within its unique context, sheltered from the routine of a grocery store, yet enlivened by the bustle outside of its windows. Dim lighting inside complements dramatic stripes of light and shadow produced by gaps between and knots within the redwood siding. Shed-like shutters swing inward, creating a dropped ceiling over each individual table. To further the Tap Room’s makeshift character, bar shelving matches the exposed framing aesthetic and an unfinished soft pine floor welcomes dents and scuffs to offer an immediately aged appeal.

The site-built barn doors and dutch-door complete the feel by providing moveable tactile surfaces to complete the user’s experience. Built in just over a month, the 500 square foot pub is the first of its kind in a Whole Foods Market and has proven to be quite popular among its neighboring community.

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