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Scribe Vineyard

Architect / Firm: Aidlin Darling

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Aidlin Darling

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As a place of exchange, Scribe Vineyards celebrates the interface between earth and sky, nature and technology, art and science, past and present. The exchange is cultural, biological and geological. Located on a foothill bench at the threshold between a thriving commercial-agricultural zone and a relatively undisturbed natural habitat, Scribe Vineyards is an ecotone – a transitional area of dynamic intermingling between adjacent ecological communities. As such, it is a place of great diversity and activity wherein the natural environment, agriculture, artisans and guests not only coexist, but mutually enrich one another.

The winery is arranged along a long wall of native stone that cuts into the natural grade, partially burying the facility. This reduces its profile in the landscape, protecting it from southeastern sun and providing passive geothermal cooling. This retaining wall also enables the use of gravity in the production process. A sculptural roof canopy floats above this wall, undulating to accommodate a variety of operations while offering an occasional glimpse to tasting-room visitors. The upper portion supports photovoltaic panels while the lower roof is planted to capture water. A catwalk threads through the folding roof plane, providing access to fermentation tanks inside, roof gardens outside, and framed views of the surrounding land.

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