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MTA Maintenance Center

Architect / Firm: TLCD Architecture

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Awards:    Year:    Entry Categories:

TLCD Architecture

Contact Person

Nate Bisbee

Architectural Firm



Project Location: Ukiah, CA
Owner: Mendocino Transit Authority
Completion Date: 08/01/2012

Operational Context

The bus fleet maintenance center is located in a heavily industrialized landscape. Its position on the site is the result of purely functional requirements. Buses return to the facility to refuel, wash, detail, park, and receive necessary maintenance prior to returning to their routes. Operational efficiency is essential.

Meet the Neighbors:

  1. Wood Preservation Superfund Site
  2. Materials Salvage Yard
  3. County Animal Control
  4. City Waste Water Treatment Plant
  5. Northwestern Pacific Railroad
  6. City Waste Transfer Station

Functional Interior

The sawtooth form of the building provides expanses of north-facing clerestory, lending ample daylight to the service bays. All of the interior surfaces of the high bays are finished in white. This treatment gives maintenance staff an ideal daylit environment in which to service the buses. Additionally, radiant floor heating systems maximize comfort during daily work.

Sustainable design features:

  1. Rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation
  2. Daylight harvesting system
  3. Radiant floor heating
  4. High-efficiency evaporative cooling

Material Value

Exterior material choices of aluminum, CMU block, and wood reflect the site surroundings. The wood rainscreen on the north wall also anticipates a future administration addition to house transit authority personnel. The buses are painstakingly cared-for as they are fundamental to ridership demands locally and at the further reaches of the region.

Civil Engineer: GHD (Winzler & Kelly)
Structural Engineer: GHD (Winzler & Kelly)
Mechanical Engineer: GHD (Winzler & Kelly)
Electrical Engineer: GHD (Winzler & Kelly)
Energy: Soldata
Equipment: Maintenance Design Group

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