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McCarthy Library

Architect / Firm: TLCD Architecture

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TLCD Architecture

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The Library entrance is the activity center for all circulation into the building. It provides access the community room, café, stacks and media, and all programs located on the second floor. The entrance opens to the north facilitating a transparent façade that offers views into the interior and inversely back toward the outdoor public space. This organization of functions and uses creates a concentration of activity at the scale and intensity of an urban space. Users interact with students and faculty members through chance encounters, as well as, planned meetings within the space of functional overlap.

The 300’ long linear lightwell creates a receding edge to the main library space and juxtaposes the primary character of the library’s main volume. This device separates and stitches the main library to the rest of the LLRC program. Second floor stair access and the second floor circulation spine use the lightwell as an instrument to overlook ground floor activity, remain connected to the library floor and entry, and connect to distant vistas of the campus and beyond. The lightwell is instrumental in the implementation of stack ventilation and day-lighting strategies.

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