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DeTurk Historic Round Barn

Architect / Firm: TLCD Architecture

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TLCD Architecture

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Nate Bisbee

Architectural Firm



Project Location: Santa Rosa,CA
Owner: City of Santa Rosa, Department of Recreation and Parks
Completion Date: 12/01/2010

Barn Lift

The re-construction process for this historical round barn was unique. In order to rebuild the foundation and floor, the barn superstructure was lifted off the ground in its entirety. The lifted building was temporarily supported by a network of steel girders and cribbing. The strong headers of the small stable windows acted as lift points for the girders. While elevated, the barn received foundation improvements, as well as new concrete curb and post-tensioned slab inserts. Once replaced on its new foundation, the barn’s roofing was removed to expose the intricate basket-weave of original redwood skip sheathing. The skip sheathing remains in place to support the new roofing and is visible at the top of the barn interior today. The exterior has been minimally restored to maintain the purity of its simple form.

Atmosphere.  New features have been carefully integrated to provide comfort to building occupants. Acoustic control has been added at the roof with baffles, around the mezzanine with draperies, and along interior wall surfaces with perforated wood cladding.  Installation of the concrete slab provided the opportunity to cast-in a radiant floor system for heating. Ventilation is enhanced with a 24-foot diameter circulating fan located at the center of the space. Roof windows provide natural light and the freshly whitewashed surfaces bounce daylight around the glowing interior.

Program.  The renovation includes new restrooms, catering room, and storage within the circumference of the barn. Stairways and elevator have been inserted to provide access to the mezzanine gallery. The new program elements are carefully stitched into the space with respect for the structural rhythm and materiality of the barn. The result is that they feel at home within the simply ordered space of the interior.

Structure.  New steel and wood structure has been inserted seamlessly to support the 78-foot diameter barn drum. All the supporting wood posts on the ground level have been updated with steel columns. At the mezzanine level, 6 wood posts have been replaced with steel columns supporting a new 6-pointed steel girder system at the roof. Redwood reclaimed from the wood structure is reused to clad new elements of the interior.

Material.  Cladding for the new stairways and the elevator is composed of re-milled redwood reclaimed from replaced interior structural elements. Steel plate stairs connect the lower floor to the hay loft mezzanine above. New flooring is reclaimed oak from shipping container boxes. The interior is carefully retouched and left exposed to maintain the raw original character of the stable barn.

Community Exchange

Built in 1891, the round bard sits in a simple park setting in a historic neighborhood. As one of only two “true round barns” in the State of California, it is a special place, requiring meaningful community input to plan its renovation and reuse. Built originally to house prize trotting horses, it has now been artfully reconfigured into a community building. The round barn serves the neighborhood with new park grounds, dog park, and meeting hall while additionally providing the broader community with a singular event space.

Resource Design

Civil Engineer: Bedford and Assocs.
Structural Engineer: MKM and Assocs.
Mechanical Engineer: GHD (Winzler & Kelly)
Electrical Engineer: GHD (Winzler & Kelly)
Acoustic: Illingworth and Rodkin
A/V: Salter
Kitchen: Ballinger
Environmental: GHD (Winzler & Kelly)

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