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Architect / Firm: Danny Strening, AIA/ZFA

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Danny Strening, AIA/ZFA

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The Obelisk has marked public space for millennia. The “Cyclisk” is a unique interpretation of monumental public art for Santa Rosa, California. The project is a sixty-five foot (65’) traditional obelisk made of discarded bicycles. Shaping a landfill-bound material into a “polished form” creates a series of intersecting rhythms – a visual metaphor for the human experience exploring technology and the humanities – history and possible futures – individual as well as collective. The City of Santa Rosa now has a new landmark, evoking a “world of possibilities,” relevant for years to come….

The Obelisk was constructed using a steel superstructure resting upon a formal concrete base. Unusable bicycles were collected and cleaned, then welded to a steel superstructure to create the obelisk form.

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