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American AgCredit Headquarters

Architect / Firm: TLCD Architecture

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TLCD Architecture

520 Third Street, #250
Santa Rosa California 95401

Contact Person

Don Tomasi
(707) 535-5267

Architectural Firm

TLCD Architecture


Jim Murphy and Associates
steve@j-m-a.com 707-576-7337

Project Location: 400 Aviation Boulevard, Santa Rosa, CA
Owner: American AgCredit
Completion Date: 11/14/2015

After numerous moves, rapidly expanding American AgCredit was dedicated to building a new facility that could be their permanent home. American AgCredit hired TLCD Architecture (TLCD) and Jim Murphy & Associates (JMA) as their architect and contractor. TLCD and JMA, both of Santa Rosa, were hired at the beginning of the project and worked together through the entire duration of the project.

The project was conceptualized as an agricultural center and is currently shared with other agricultural tenants such as Sonoma County Tourism, Vintners and Winegrowers.

American AgCredit sought a building that would provide them with a distinctive architectural presence within the community. Of even greater importance to them, was to create a superior workplace environment for their employees, with a variety of spaces for different types of interaction and collaboration. A courtyard was deemed essential as an employee amenity.

The building reflects American AgCredit’s character: a quiet, but powerful presence. Beginning with an organically shaped courtyard oriented to the building entry, two building forms define the space while responding to the site geometry, which is both orthogonal and curved. The building’s circulation is wrapped around the courtyard, allowing frequent views into the building. A variety of spaces for employee interaction, teamwork and collaboration are also located at the courtyard perimeter.

Four pedestrian bridges, two of them enclosed, connect the two building forms. The 2nd floor bridge serves as an employee lounge and its bold horizontal band of channel glass frames the main building entry. A 3-story open grand stairway gently cantilevers into the courtyard. An exterior “roof walk” and patio connects the 3-story portions of the building, offering views into the courtyard and beyond to the hills. A boardroom roof deck is dramatically carved out of the building form and frames the views of the Sonoma County landscape.

A mineral pigmented reddish-brown perforated zinc panel system was selected for its ties to nearby agrarian structures, particularly relevant due to the client’s agricultural roots. The exterior shading provided by the perforated panels is a key sustainable strategy and substantially shapes how the building is experienced, both from the exterior and interior.

The design team’s responsibilities included the selection of all furniture, fixtures and equipment and art, including several custom installations at key spaces. American AgCredit’s rapidly changing organization demanded flexible interior workspaces, which took the form of a rigid frame steel structure for unencumbered interior space, and demountable interior partitions.

The project incorporates numerous sustainable strategies such as displacement ventilation, which circulates 100% outside air. The net result of these strategies is a building that performs 26 percent better than required by California’s stringent Title 24.

Don Tomasi AIA, TLCD Architecture
Jeff Blechel, TLCD Architecture
Nick Diggins, TLCD Architecture
Suzanne Nagorka CID, TLCD Architecture
Structural: ZFA Structural Engineers - 707.526.0992
Mechanical: TEP Engineering - 707.538.0400
Civil: Brelje & Race Consulting Engineers - 707.576.1322
Electrical: Summit Engineering - 707.527.0775
Landscape: Quadriga Landscape Architecture & Planning - 707.546.3561
Technology: TEECOM - 510.337.2800

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