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Custom Residential Architectural Home Tour


Presentation by Linda Kiisk, AIA – How Architects Learn

AIARE CRAN and AIA Allied Member Portalais, Inc. sponsored a tour of a private custom residence in the hills overlooking Santa Rosa.  Portalais sourced the windows and many of the doors used in this incredible home.  In addition, the homeowners found many unique pieces while they were in Europe to add character and to personalize their home.

Following the tour, Linda Kiisk, AIA led us through a playful and informative talk about the way architects “see” compared to other professions and members of the population.  We were asked to draw what we saw from a photograph of a tissue box.  The drawing exercise was a way to assess our unique visualization and learning styles.  According to Linda, architects tend to see in 3D and see an object as it relates to the space around it.  Others who are more detail oriented see the pattern on the box and are less focused on the dimensions of the object.  They tend to see in 2D.  Knowing this allows architects to successfully modify their communication techniques and design solutions to respond to the needs of a broader population.

These are the primary ways in which people see objects, but in the course of her research she has found up to five different ways that people see the world around us.  Depending on your client’s learning style, those that see more 2D may prefer straight lines and very clean design.  If they see 3D,they usually prefer curved lines and arched windows.  By knowing this, you can begin to get an idea of what a client will respond to and look for in a design.

Linda Kiisk, AIA is president-elect of the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).  As a faculty member at various academic institutions, she focused her research on how brain differences affected design. She holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and is a Fulbright Scholar.