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Developing Distance Education for Architects – The National Institute of Building Sciences

In this podcast we speak with Richard Paradis, Program Director at the National Institute of Building Sciences to speak about his experience as an AIA CES Provider specifically on the topic of distance education.


A Conversation with Mortimer Marshall, Jr., FAIA: 2012 Whitney M. Young, Jr. Award Recipient

In this podcast, we speak with Whitney M. Young Jr. Award recipient Mortimer Marshall Jr., FAIA.


Young Architects: Looking into the Future

With me are two of the 13 recipients of the 2012 AIA Young Architect Award, Katie Harms, AIA and Tim Bicknell, AIA. We’ll talk about their first decade of success and about how young architects make a difference in our communities, and our profession.


To Meet—To Know—To Battle—To Love—Frank Lloyd Wright

AIArchitect, Fallingwater, edited by Lynda Waggoner, Book Excerpt, Edgar Kaufmann Sr., Frank Lloyd Wright, Client


Biophillic Design: a conversation with Judith Heerwagen, Ph. D

AIA’s America’s Design & Health Initiative is focused on the connections between physical activity, obesity, escalating healthcare costs and the positive impact that design can have on those factors. In this conversation, Dr. Judith Heerwagen discusses biophillic design and architecture. She highlights the power natural design elements have in transforming space and user response.


America’s Design and Health Initiative: An Important Value Proposition for Architects

As licensed professionals, it’s our responsibility to watch out for the health, safety and welfare of the public. We place our seals on our designs, indicating that we have discharged this duty in good faith.


NAC's Forward: Art, Experience, and Memory—An Interview with Christo

His art begins with 2,000-page federal government applications and ends with hundreds of miles of transformed landscapes


For Big-Box Retailers, Architects are the Key Ingredient for Selling Quality Design

Over the past decade, more and more big-box stores have been enticing Americans to play, fermenting increased design-savvy interest in home remodeling, architecture and design.

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